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Peter Gow's humour from emails - these have been collected mainly via friends. This began in February 1996, and the cross-section of my friends' humour. The selection says as much about me as it does them.

So who am I? You can read this in full - in the revamped version (2 additions) - under the title of
       The Portrait of PG
      as a Young-ish Chimp

You can also read the sagas of Sidney - they are semi-autobiographical accounts of PG's Tips for Survival at the RHN!

For those who may have an interest in the Gow family, there are special pages

The Wedding of Anna and Owen

  Isla and Esme: the next generation!

The Gows do Lyon

Please do email me with your own additions.


Choose the type of humour that appeals to you - enjoy the variety.

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Wedding of Anna & Owen


Sidney Sagas


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or Hell

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